Limited Lifetime Warranty Friends

I thought of the term “limited lifetime warranty friends” because nowadays some friendships only last until one person doesn’t feel like they can get anything out of this so called friendship. We live in a world where some people want to be your friend based on what you have and what you can give them. I’m sure we have all have or had a friend like that, maybe even be in a relationship with a partner that is like that. I feel like the term “friend” is thrown around so freely whether you’ve known the person 1 week or a decade. The term limited lifetime warranty friend is derived from most items you buy at the store today come with a limited lifetime warranty. These products usually are cover until a certain extent then before you know it, something goes wrong and it’s not covered anymore. So limited lifetime warranty friends implies that your “friends” are only your friends up until the point where they don’t get any benefit from hanging out with you. Whether it’s getting rides, free food, getting access to things they want, and so on. Nowadays, people are attracted to what they see, the first impression. If someone is driving the newest Mercedes Benz or buying bottles at the club, some people will be drawn to them. Not saying everyone thinks this way but maybe you have a friend who only calls you when they need you or comes around when it’s payday. At the same time who can blame them, we are surrounded in a society where acceptance is everything. Things are now measured based on how many likes you have, how big your squad is, how many followers you can get, or how much exposure you attract. In no way am I saying this is acceptable, but if on a daily basis this is what we are exposed to, it will become the only thing you know. I’m sure that you can probably build a great friendship out of a false pretense but I think it is very rare. Taking this a step further I’m sure you can make a social experiment out of it. For instance, say you buy donuts every Monday for your workplace for a whole month. I’m sure people will start to ask who bought the donuts?, and essentially people will start to thank you or talk to you because of your gesture. Now, say the following month you don’t buy anything and just go back to doing your normal routine. I’m pretty sure that half of the people that talked to you will go back to their routine and not talk to you, and a quarter of the other half will simply talk to you just to ask “hey, no more donuts?” or “when are you going to bring donuts again?” It’s sad to think of that but its reality. People’s mentality have changed from work for what you want, to use what you got, which then has been altered to take advantage of what you got. In the end, if you are the type of person who uses your friends for what they have, whether or not it’s malicious, remember that they have feelings and you wouldn’t want it done to you. On the other hand, if you are the friend who is giving in nature or wants to be accepted, just be aware of the people who are only around when they can get something out of it. You don’t need those types of people in your lives and those people definitely don’t need more people to freeload off of. Be yourself, be honest, and people who truly want to get to know you, will do just that. I know I’ve said this before but we should all want friends who will motivate you to be better, help you make the right decision, and will be there whether you have a party bus every week or can barely afford a weekly bus pass. So until next week remember that your positive actions can always inspire someone and hopefully spread like a wildfire.

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